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Take screenshots easily with this free app. LightShot is a free and easy screenshot application that allows you to take pictures quickly. Developed by Skillbrains, this handy tool virtually replaces the touch key (Prt Sc) on your keyboard and quickly uploads your photos. You do not need to open the editor to save the screenshot. To take full advantage of Quick Share, you must have an account, official work similar to most screen capture tools, and lightweight software that attaches you to the Prt Sc button. When you install it, the file you are installing on your desktop is not installed. Instead, you’ll find it as a hidden icon on your taskbar. This arrangement makes it difficult to access menu settings. However, you can minimize all windows or pin them to the taskbar to make them easier to start. You can right-click on the icon and set different (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); using this tool is quite easy. To activate the program, simply press Prt Sc. The screen dims when Select Area appears next to the cursor. You need to click and drag the cursor on the selected screenshot. When done, it will appear in the image editor. To exit the selection area or image editor, simply press Esc, press Ctrl + X, or click the Close button in the lower-right corner; Just change there. functions to the right of the selected area. Features include three shapes that you can add to your screenshot: line, arrow, and rectangle. You can also choose from two different types of free-form drawing: pencil and highlighter. If you want plain text, you can enter it in the text box, although you can’t configure formatting. The color picker shows the standard options plus the color wheel. Finally, the handy Undo features appear next to the image editor at the bottom of the selected area. These include the ability to upload a screenshot, share on social media, search Google for similar images, print a photo, copy it, save it to your computer, and close LightShot. The upload feature is quite useful, as you can easily share the link to your photos and galleries in the same way as for image hosting sites. Note that you cannot upload screenshots from NSFW or better. The LightShot app lives up to its promise of providing users with an easy-to-use screenshot; All you have to do is press the key, click and drag, and then choose where to save the pictures. Many program problems are based on the fact that you have few options. First, unlike some screen recording software, it does not allow you to record videos. Capturing in full screen also requires keyboard shortcuts instead of a pop-up option. The editing tools are also pretty naked. If you want to delete pictures from your account, you’ll also need to contact support, as you can’t do this manually.

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